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Shipping Policy

All staff at our facility is trained to the high standards of packing fish, corals, and inverts. Each and every animal is securely placed in bags and filled with the appropriate amount of water. The bags are then placed into a 1.5" insulated shipping container to protect them from the elements and maintain consistent temperatures during shipping. Heat and cold packs are also added if needed based on your zip codes current weather conditions.

The insulated containers are placed into boxes and shipped FedExPriority Overnight to be delivered the very next morning. Every package is hand packed and double checked by a staff member as close to the final shipping deadline for that day so ensure they spend as little time as possible in bags. 

All orders are shipped FedExPriority Overnight which is the best way to ensure the animals arrive as soon as possible. 

Once the box leaves the possession of Saltwater Solutions Aquariums and is in the care of FedEx we no longer have control of what happens during the shipping process. If there are any issues we will try our best to correct the issue to the best of our abilities. 

Shipping rates vary depending on weight and location of delivery. 



MONDAY                                   TUESDAY

TUESDAY                                  WEDNESDAY

WEDNESDAY                               THURSDAY

THURSDAY                                  FRIDAY

FRIDAY                                     TUESDAY

SATURDAY                                TUESDAY

SUNDAY                                     TUESDAY


Terms & Conditions

Due to the sometimes sensitive nature of the animals we sell, there is absolutely no returns or guarantees on livestock. Please make educated decisions on animal purchases as some specimens may not be compatible or may have special care requirements. All of our specimens are observed and/or quarantined at some point before they are offered for sale to ensure the best quality livestock possible.

Supplies can be returned only if they are unused and unopened. A store credit will be applied for the full purchase price. NO EXCEPTIONS. All items must be returned within seven (7) days of purchasing date with the original receipt. Any broken or defective item(s) must be brought to our attention within 24hrs of the purchase, and will be replaced at our discretion. 

We strive to provide the best shopping experience possible. 

Thank you for your continued support!

-Saltwater Solutions Aquarium, Inc.

Service Policy

All aquarium service clients must fill out a service form including billing information before service appointments can be scheduled. Service appointments are billed after every service. Any livestock brought to the appointment by a service technician will be billed before the appointment. Our aquarium service technicians are not liable for the aquarium when they are not present. If a service bill is delinquent Saltwater Solutions Aquariums holds the right to pursue legal action to collect the debt. Any extra fees or interest from taking legal action to collect the debt will be the responsibility of the client that is delinquent. 

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