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About Our Aquarium Store

Established in 2006 we have been serving southwest Florida for over a decade. Come visit our all saltwater aquarium showroom and you will see a wide selection of aquariums, state of the art equipment, and the largest variety and selection of fish, corals, inverts and much more. We specialize in all things saltwater, and in particular living reef environments. We make it easy for you, as you can walk out with your new aquarium and livestock or you could let us deliver and install any size system. Our computer point of sale system keeps track of everything you buy so our trained staff can help you with selecting compatible specimens and supplies for your dream tank. If you can't find it we also take requests and fulfill items that may be rare or difficult to obtain. Our goal is simple, to help you be successful in this wonderful hobby. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you personally as we help you build your dream aquarium.

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